Complacency is a danger for people who have managed to escape substance abuse. It is a human tendency to take things for granted once they become routine, but you need to remain vigilant in order to protect your sobriety. Here are 5 signs you need to look out for because they could mean you are heading for a relapse:

1. Cynicism about Recovery

Cynicism is a type of ‘stinking thinking’, and it means that you don’t trust what other people have to say. If are suspicious of those who claim to be doing well in recovery, or you are overly sceptical about recovery methods, it could indicate that you have become cynical. This negative way of thinking often occurs when people are looking for a justification to relapse.

2. Romancing the Chemical

If you spend time remembering ‘happy’ days drinking in bars, or getting high with friends, it means you are romancing the chemical. These memories glamorise the past, and you may wonder if things were really so bad back then. This way of thinking weakens your resolve, and it could be a sign that you are heading for a relapse.

3. Looking for Evidence to Justify Relapse

This sign of an impending relapse can be easy to miss because it can seem as if what you are doing is reasonable at the time. An example of this would be searching for stories on the internet about alcoholics who managed to moderate their drinking. You can tell yourself that you are just being curious, or you are trying to become more knowledgeable, but searching for this type of story may mean your sobriety is in danger.

4. Being Stuck in Recovery

Recovery is a process that continues for the rest of your life. If you become stuck at any point, it can mean your life starts to feel uncomfortable. The most common reason for why this happens is you are faced with something you don’t want to deal with – so long as you hide from the problem, you stop making any more progress in sobriety. This feeling of being stuck is unpleasant, and it can be tempting to turn to alcohol or drugs for solace.

5. Spending More Time in Dangerous Environments

If you have started to visit pubs more often, or you are spending more time with drug using friends, it may mean you are on the verge of relapse. In Alcoholics Anonymous they say – if you spend enough time in a barber shop, you will eventually get your hair cut.