Bali is famous for its tropical climate, exotic temples, and wonderful beaches, but it is only recently becoming popular as a destination for those seeking addiction treatment. If you are in need of this type of help, here are just five reasons for why you need to consider Seasons Bali Rehab.

1. The Right Environment for Recovery

“Don’t talk about heaven if you’ve never been to Bali.” – Toba Beta

By choosing to go to Bali, you will be well away from your usual stresses and temptations. The change in environment is going to make it easier for you to adjust to sober living. The island is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere, and this means you will start to feel your thoughts slowing down and mood improving just by being here. There is probably no better place on the planet for you to begin your journey into sobriety.

2. The Resources You Need to Recover

Clients come to Bali from countries like Australia where they have trouble finding the resources that they need to recover. There is a rising demand for addiction services in most countries, and this means resources need to be rationed. Here in Bali, you will have access to everything you need to begin your new life.


Nani-Devi-in-Oleg-Tambulilingan3. Fantastic Activities in Bali

During your time in rehab, you are going to need to work hard in order to get the most out of the program. The good news is a lot of the stuff you need to do is going to be fun. Bali is a perfect destination for outdoor activities, and some of the things you can get to enjoy will include:

  • Beach walks
  • Water sports such as surfing, snorkelling, and swimming
  • Balinese cultural shows
  • Visiting local markets
  • Visiting tourist attractions

4. Unique Program at Seasons Bali

Seasons Bali offers a unique holistic rehab program that includes everything you need to recover physically, mentally, and spiritually from addiction. The focus is on evidence-based treatments that have a proven record of success. You also get to experience how yoga, meditation, proper nutrition, physical fitness, and tools from cognitive-behavioural therapy can help you build a better future.

5. An Affordable Luxury Rehab

If you don’t feel comfortable in your surroundings, you won’t be relaxed enough to get the most out of a rehab program. Even a no-frills in-patient facility can be exorbitantly expensive in western countries, but you can come to Bali and enjoy luxury facilities while paying less than you would at home.